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Hot Buns Catering

I started HOT BUNS CATERING in 2000 to provide high quality catering services for the Film & Television industry. Since inception I’m proud to say HOT BUNS has successfully cooked and fed crews on all six series of ‘Vikings’, all four series of ‘The Tudors’, ‘Masterchef’,  many, many Commercials and high profile feature films such as ‘‘Veronica Guerin’, ‘Bloody Sunday’, 'The Roman Spring of Mrs. Stone', ‘In America’, ‘Evelyn’, ‘King Arthur’ and ‘Breakfast on Pluto’. We also cater large scale events such as two ‘European Ryder Cups’, several ‘Irish Open’ Golf Tournaments, some truly Beautiful Weddings and any celebration where people gather to eat good food that you can think of. We’ve worked all over the Ireland, the UK and as far away as Malta, logistics and planning are the backbone of what we do but making great food and keeping people smiling is the driving passion behind it all.

I love food, the outdoors and making people smile so it’s a win win

Tara x

Our Team

Over the last almost 20 years I’ve built a team of passionate foodies who are not only experienced and qualified but dedicated to delivering a great service every time.

Everyone is trained to a minimum of Level 2 HACCP Food Hygiene Training. We work with an outside Audit & Training company to ensure we maintain the highest of standards consistency, regardless of location.


Born to bake, to broil, to roast and toast,
to mix, to grate, to slice and dice,
to create a stir, to drizzle and dazzle. 

Catering & Events Since 2000. 

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